The Monster … with a new album, out this Nov 3rd.

Thelonious Monster has been our lives for 36 years. Pete, Me, Dix n Chris have been in it, out of it, broken up, quit it, a hundred times. But whether Thelonious was alive or dormant, it is a part of me. It is us. Always with me. Always in the air. It represents so many things to me n to us. It’s our young naive adulthood. It’s our hope. It was our dream. It was my sense of identity. It is who I am. I’m Bob. Singer of Thelonious Monster. Even when we hadn’t seen each other in 15 years or maybe more, this band bonds us for life. Good bad n everything in between. It will be in my obituary. So about a year ago Chris called ‘n said, my kids are grown up, I miss playing music. You wanna get together ‘n write some songs. Hopefully the songs will be good enough. Maybe make a record. I said sure. I called Pete. He said I will give it a try. See what happens. Let me see if Martyn wants to do it. Once we all were in, Dix took some convincing. He came down to where we were jamming. Saw we were serious I think ‘n said ok. From those first few days at a rehearsal space it took on a life of its own. It became obvious the songs were good. That we all were having fun n excited. Just like in 1984 when we first started. And we followed it thru. We all worked really hard. We are familiar with what it takes to be good. Make a great record. And we did it. I think we made maybe our best record ever. At 60 years old. Some of us decades out of playing music. I am so proud of what we did. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Full circle as they say. Still angry. Still hurt. Still mad to laugh. Mad for living. We made this album. And it is us. Where we’re at. Closer to death than birth. Grown kids of our own. My son is older than I was when Thelonious broke up. But here we are again. 2020. Still alive. Still kickin! Hope you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t. Fuck you. You’re an idiot. Hahaha. No. Just kidding. See ya soon I hope. It’s worth stickin around just to see what happens.

“Oh That Monster” will be out on Election Day November 3rd. Because we still care about our planet, our country and people. And because this truly is the most important election of our lifetime. First single “Buy Another Gun” will be out on October 2nd. Stay tuned.